"If i'm going to merely ramble, maybe I should just snuggle under the warm covers, think of miu, and play with myself" - Murakami

william basinski interview


"I wanted a Mellotron but I couldn't afford one, so I thought I could make a sort of Mellotron by taking little snippets of these 101 Strings songs, which were like musical anesthesia, the Prozac of the ’70s. But when you’d slow it down and look at it under a microscope, there’s this well of melancholy down there. So I started getting into the idea of pulling things out of thin air, making something from nothing."

full interview via Pitchfork

compassion fatigue

compassion fatigue - a short collection of homemade ambient music

guitar, omnichord, and op-1 recorded by santino gonzales and mastered by warren hildebrand in autumn 2016

you can listen for free on soundcloud, pay what you will on bandcamp, and check out a few accompanying visuals below. There are also handmade tapes that I will make to order available in the shop. Thanks for your time :]

dmg control

The original Nintendo Gameboy, also known as the DMG-01, is arguably the greatest portable gaming console ever made. The Gameboy proved that portable gaming could offer unforgettable experiences and solidified videogame characters as household names in modern pop-culture. It's only drawback was it's screen - a monochromatic dim square that was neither front-lit or backlit and required outrageous accessories to achieve improved picture quality. 

Now, the technology behind the original Gameboy hardware is insanely cheap, making it possible for everyday creatives to modify their own systems to enhance the experience without compromising what made them great in the first place. Using parts courtesy of handheld legend and kitsch-bent, I designed, painted, and built my own backlit DMG - Willow.

shakur sampler

Outside of being the greatest rapper of all-time, 2pac had some of the best production and most memorable beats of all time behind his music. Johnny J, Warren G, Jon B, DJ Quik, and so many others helped define G-Funk, Gangsta Rap, RnB, and some of the greatest sounds behind 2pac's poetry and lyrics. These videos explore the samples behind some of 2pac's greatest hits, 20 years after his passing - timeless...  

cycling '74

When I was studying at the University of New Mexico, I took a course entitled Physical Computing and was led by artist Clauda X. Valdes. The course centered around a piece of software known as Max/MSP/Jitter, often referred to as Max MSP, or simply, Max. Max MSP is essentialy an open sandbox visual programming language that allows users to write their own software for virtually any application. I aimed my approach towards art installations that incorporated audio & video. I have recently dove back into programming with Max and I am very excited with some of the new features cycling '74 offers. I'm currently working on video synthesis and sound projects using vizzie and vsynth patches to supplement my homemade ambient works. Below are some sketches that display these tools for my upcoming project: compassion fatigue.


Assembly is an awesome, vector-based, graphic design app for iOS devices. My piece, dictaphone, was recently featured on their page as a part of their Gizmos & Gadgets collection. Dictaphones are microcassette voice processors from yesteryear - famously used by Dale Cooper & great for note taking or general freak recording onto microcassettes.