"If i'm going to merely ramble, maybe I should just snuggle under the warm covers, think of miu, and play with myself" - Murakami

ahh, how are you?

I always felt like Krumm from Aaahh!!! Real Monsters looked strikingly similar to Daniel Johnston's Jeremiah the Innocent character, aka the Hi, How Are You? frog. I was curious if there was any actual connection between the characters other than the visual resemblance I saw- as it turns out there is nothing really connecting them other than the fact that I think they look alike. Jeremiah the Innocent is a product of "troubled outsider artist" Daniel Johnston. If you want to know more about Johnston, i'd highly recommend watching the 2005 documentary The Devil and Daniel Johnston

standout track-  walking the cow

standout track- walking the cow

Jeremiah the Innocent first appeared on Johnston's 1983 tape Hi, How Are You: The Unfinished Album. Before schizophrenia and bipolar episodes landed him in a mental hospital, Johnston spent quite some time virtually unknown working at a McDonald's and creating the bedroom recordings that would become Hi, How Are You. While Johnston was receiving treatment for his unstable condition, his popularity shot through the roof as one dude was seen constantly wearing a shirt with the Hi, How Are You frog front and center. Said dude was Kurt Cobain and in true grunge fashion, it seemed like he never took the fucking shirt off. Anyway, after some time Johnston's artistic career, and his health, went in separate directions and that is another story. Watch the documentary. Since then, the frog has popped up as a mural on an Austin, TX record store and it even scored it's own iPhone game

Kurt looking surprisingly chipper sporting the Daniel Johnston shirt. Mr. Grohl, it seems, isn't too pumped about it.

Kurt looking surprisingly chipper sporting the Daniel Johnston shirt. Mr. Grohl, it seems, isn't too pumped about it.

What does this have to do with Aaahh!!! Real Monsters? Like I said before, nothing really. Unless of course the demons that possessed Johnston also found their way to the odd kids show. Otherwise, the artists, voice actors, and other individuals who worked on the show didn't have any ties I could find to Johnston, Texas, or weird music. The show was developed for Nickelodeon as a follow up to Klasky Csupo's cartoon hit Rugrats. Running from '94-'97, Aaahh!!! Real Monsters focuses on a group of monster's who work towards scaring the shit out of humans in order to advance through monster school. Essentially, it's the 90's Non-Disnefied version of Monster's Inc. 

Krumm was the character who held his eyes with his hands, forcing him to keep his arms up all the time. With his arms always up, Krumm developed a deadly stench that could render humans unconscious. He used these tools to frighten humans on his 'scares' and whatnot. So, that's that, here are some more images of Krumm- which again I think looks just like Jeremiah. 

I did happen to find weird shit and other people who feel like I do. First, for the weird shit- look at this equally creepy and awesome Krumm costume. This reminded me of The Pale Man from Pan's Labyrinth- which does not remind me of Jeremiah the Innocent.

But even better than that freaky business, I found someone who captured the exact feeling I had about Krumm and Jeremiah in a simple image. I'll let Ryan Ford's illustration do the talking.

And that's that...

Time to make a new hit shirt.