"If i'm going to merely ramble, maybe I should just snuggle under the warm covers, think of miu, and play with myself" - Murakami

new philms

There are some new films that will be coming out in the near future that I am really looking forward to. A friend of mine from Q studios was able to save a couple early drafts of some teaser posters from these new productions. 

A Separate Reality appears to be an adaptation of the second book from Carlos Castaneda's "Don Juan" series with Gael Garcia Bernal portraying the author. A Separate Reality is told in the first person perspective in amazing detail, describing anthropologist Carlos Castaneda's shamanic journey towards becoming a "man of knowledge" under the cumbersome and psychedelic teachings of Yaqui Indian sorcerer Don Juan. With a variety of acting and directing credits to his name, Bernal (The Motorcycle Diaries, The Science of Sleep, and much more) has the maturity and range required to bring such a dynamic figure to film, I couldn't imagine a better actor to portray the young scholar and adventurer. It will be interesting to see who will be directing the film and how the spiritual journeys will play out, might I suggest Guillermo del Toro lead the way? The casting of the mythical character Don Juan, however, may be even more interesting to see.

Eden to Eden was the title of the manifesto written by James Koresh, Leader and prophet of the Branch Davidian religious sect, better known as the "Waco cult." I'm assuming Franco will be playing the role of cult leader and I must say that he looks strangely similar to David Koresh. It's hard to say if the film will cover the tragic and controversial events of the 1993 Waco siege or if it will be about Koresh and his teachings prior to the events. This leaves Jodi Foster open to play either a cult member or U.S. Attorney Janet Reno, which seems like a more fitting role for an Academy Award winning actress. 

Not much can be said about how awesome it would be to see Bryan Cranston playing everyone's favorite television painting instructor, Bob Ross. Aside from his lovable and unique on-screen personality seen on The Joy of Painting, Ross has a captivating backstory that led to his art career. Having joined the Air force at 17 and starting to paint while in service, It is said that the images created on his popular PBS shows were derived from his time spent at Eielson Air Force Base in Alaska where he learned the "wet-on-wet" oil-painting technique seen on the show. He eventually reached the rank of Master Sergeant before retiring after 20 years of service and i'm sure reaching that level and spending that much time in service doesn't come with its own hardships, something which would be great to see explored on-screen. Cranston has proven better than anyone that he can portray characters who undergo dramatic transition, plus it would be great to see Heisenberg in a fro softly painting happy trees, feeding squirrels, and reassuring all of us that "we don't make me mistakes, we just have happy accidents."

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