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triathlon 64 // childhood slayer

You think you're good at N64 games? Found all the golden stars, hidden caves, and unlocked the secret ending? Yeah, I thought I was dope too. That was until I saw Karl Jobst on the verge. In less than an hour, this man crushed weeks of childhood frustration and blew away my expectations of what competitive gamers were capable of. In the following video, Karl Jobst simultaneously beats Goldeneye 007, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, and Super Mario 64 on three separate Nintendo 64 systems at the same time, in under an hour. Yes, you read that correctly. 

The way Karl Jobst accomplishes this is through an "approach" called speedrunning. As he explains, speedrunning is the task of completing a particular game in the shortest amount of time possible without using cheats or modifications. What speedrunners do make use of are various glitches or in-game errors. These glitches aren't cheats, but rather clever work-arounds using built-in mechanics or programming errors to access elements of a game before they are traditionally accessible. For example, a speedrunner may jump repeatedly in a corner of a particular room to glitch through the wall and access a boss that would otherwise require hours of gameplay. Speedrunning has a huge following i've come to learn, but I haven't seen anything on the scale of this triathlon. Completing either of these games and knowing how to perform the glitches correctly is tricky enough- anyone who tried super jumping in Halo 2 knows this. But, the fact that Mr. Jobst speedruns through all three classics simultaneously in exactly 51 minutes, well that's just ridiculous. 

I wonder if he realizes this would make for a killer art installation.