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peter pringle's greatest hits

L éon Theremin - Inventor of the theremin and all around badass.

Léon Theremin - Inventor of the theremin and all around badass.

Canadian multi-instrumentalist, Peter Pringle, may be one of the world's best living thereminists. He hosts nearly 70 youtube videos on his channel, most of which feature him performing classical and modern tunes with boutique theremins. I've gone through and picked a handful of his "greatest hits." Where it really gets interesting is when he runs the theremin through the eletcro-harmonix talking machine, adding a bizarre human quality to an already otherworldly tone. Take note of the killer lightning bolt theremin, "that once belonged to Julius Goldberg, the partner and personal assistant of inventor Leon Theremin. This is a 1929 RCA Theremin that was customized by Goldberg in the early 1930's and provided with 'lightning bolt' volume and pitch antennae."

P.S. Somewhere Over the Rainbow is 3rd on the list, you'll probably want to listen to that.

"I was interested in making a different kind of instrument. And I wanted, of course, to make an apparatus that would be controlled in space, exploiting electrical fields, and that would use little energy. Therefore I used electronic technology to create a musical instrument that would provide greater resources." - Léon Theremin