"If i'm going to merely ramble, maybe I should just snuggle under the warm covers, think of miu, and play with myself" - Murakami

No Place Else

No Place Else - Dystopian Sci-Fi Imagination is a group exhibition opening next week at the Hubbell St. Galleries, presented by CCA’s Visual Studies Program. “An exhibition curated by Dr. Nilgun Bayraktar as part of the “Dystopian Sci-fi Film” course in the Visual Studies Program at California College of the Arts. This exhibition ponders over the concept of dystopia, which became a recognizable genre during the twentieth century and has not lost its hold on our imagination in the twenty-first, as indicated by the popularity of recent films and TV shows such as "Children of Men," "Blade Runner 2049," “Black Mirror,” and "Handmaid’s Tale." These apocalyptic visions generally tell us more about the conditions in which they are made than about any anticipated future. The artistic projects in this exhibition explore critical concepts such as the dystopian city, A.I., virtual reality, human/alien/cyborg/posthuman body, ecological crises, the Anthropocene, genetic manipulation, and retro-futurism. CCA Hubbell Street Galleries | 151 Hubbell St, San Francisco” I’ll have the audiovisual piece, “Truth Isn’t Truth” on display - come check out the opening next Tuesday at 5:30!

Canyon Cinema - Gestures in Response

Canyon Cinema is dedicated to educating the public about independent, non-commercial, experimental, avant-garde and artist-made moving images. Through a unique collection of artist-made films – comprised of digital media, 8mm, Super 8, 16mm and 35mm prints – Canyon Cinema traces the vital history of the experimental and avant-garde filmmaking movements from 1921 to the present.  With a strong emphasis on American West Coast and San Francisco Bay Area filmmakers, we are the access point to 3,400 ground-breaking works that represents 260 artists”

For the final installment of their 2018 Salon Series, Canyon Cinema collaborated with CCA and Lynn Kirby’s Cinema and the Moving Image course - a class which I am fortunate enough to be in. Throughout the semester, we spent hours watching films from the Canyon Cinema’s archives and chose three films to respond to. The three films selected were Gunvor Nelson’s “Light Years Expanding,” Su Friedrich’s “Gently Down the Stream,” and Paul Clipson’s “Union.”

The work of Paul Clipson has had a profound effect on my life, so having the opportunity to engage with his work was incredibly meaningful for me. In 2014, I had the joy of witnessing him perform live alongside my favorite musician, Grouper (Liz Harris) and the experience left me awestruck. Bathed in a sea of sound and a landscape of light, my life seemed to flash before my eyes on the screen as all images and sounds blurred together - wide-eyed, tears rushed down my face as I realized that this experience was what I wanted to share with people. A week later I quit my 3-year-long job at Apple and started working at a music shop in Austin, Texas. Eventually, I found my way back to graduate school at California College of the Arts to continue my artistic path. Last year, Paul Clipson unexpectedly passed away. I feel blessed to be here and making art in San Francisco, where I found myself engaged and connected with Paul’s spirit. Thanks, Paul and thanks Liz - I’m doing my best to send more love into the world because of you two.

open studio

Thanks to everyone who came out for CCA’s first Open Studio presentation at the Dogpatch in San Francisco. I had a wonderful time sharing my work, talking to people about aliens, and improvising some telepathic tunes. I’ll be sharing the improvisations from the installation as an album soon! Til then, everything shines.


"memory machine" is a new homemade ambient project - all footage for this piece was captured in Ruidoso, NM and the audio was recorded in Austin, TX August 2018.


I made visuals for the song videostore - captured at the best remaining movie rental house on the planet, Austin's own, I Love Video.

of a feather

Toco Toco has presented a wonderful interview with Chihei Hatakeyama, a like-minded artist.

*Highly Recommended*


palette pusher

u R listening 2?

Here is a new version of the wonderful experiment with my new music, dispatches from a Moscow airport, and old German space films. LISTEN HERE